Melts Fat and Tones Your Muscles: Try the 28 Days Planking Challenge

Why Planking?

You may be wondering why the Planking Challenge makes for such a good workout plan. After all, the exercise seems a bit simplistic to be a full-body workout. However, it is just that. Here’s what planking does for your body:


1. Tones your stomach.

As described above, planking involves using your core to stabilize your body and carry out the physical demands to maintain the proper planking position. The abdominal muscles are engaged during this workout. Over time, those muscles tone and tighten to give you a great-looking stomach.

2. Promotes good posture.

Because your abs play a huge role in your ability to maintain good posture, planking can also be good for your balance and stability. Over time, you’ll be able to stand up straight and achieve a broader range of movement.


3. Increases flexibility.

According to an article published by, your flexibility will improve as you work your back and shoulder muscles in the plank position. The shoulder blades will actually stretch, which promotes a better range of motion.

Who knew such a simple challenge could achieve such great results? Check out the video below for a total breakdown of how to do a proper plank. Share today to challenge your friends.