Cinnamon For Weight Loss

Weight loss seems to be the favorite past time of the whole world. Everyone is trying to lose some weight, be it very little like 4 pounds to fit in a dress or huge like 110 pounds to drastically change the way you look and live your life. Even though exercise and workout are the best way to lose some weight, dieting and smart eating can aid in the process as well. One such food item which is very efficient in burning some fat is cinnamon. This friendly spice not only helps you in losing some weight, but it also lowers your cholesterol levels, stifles your appetite, improves your metabolism and regulates your blood sugar level. Let’s have a look at how such a tiny little thing like cinnamon has so many benefits and how you can incorporate into your daily life.

How Cinnamon Helps in Shedding Those Extra Pounds

Lowers Cholesterol

A study conducted for diabetic participants showed that patients which took the given amount of cinnamon had lower levels of LDL cholesterol in respect to the patients who didn’t take the dosage.

Stifles the Appetite

The most basic principle of weight loss is to have control over what you eat and when you eat. Adding cinnamon to your food will make you feel full and delay the passage of food going to your stomach. This way you don’t eat more than you should and get the required number of calories.

Improves the Metabolism

A faster metabolism means quicker weight loss. Cinnamon has the property of triggering your body to speed up the metabolism, and not just of sugar but of carbohydrates also. It increases the storage capacities of carbohydrates so that it doesn’t turn into fat. This way, not only does cinnamon burn the fat that you have already, it prevents the fat to get reinforcements as well.

Regulates Blood Sugar Level

High blood sugar not only leads to extra fat being stored, it causes diabetes as well. Cinnamon is unique as it duplicates the properties of insulin in the body and helps in regulating the blood sugar level. Low blood sugar means less fat and less problems.