Body change with these 5 simple exercises in 28 days!

This is the most common exercise that also works with many muscle types at once. Support your body on your hands and feet and push up your body with your back in a straight line.

Stand up straight with you back and widen your legs just a little bit. Bend your knees in the squat position at a 90-degree angle and start repeating the movement. This is very useful exercise as it can burn fat much faster and help you build stronger core, legs, back legs and hamstrings.

Support your body with your knees and hands. Stretch one hand and one leg of the opposite side and alternate between them. Keep your body balanced and straight.

Lying Hip Raises:
These raises will work with your glutes and hamstrings. All you need to do is lie on your back and lift your body up with the soles of your feet. Squeeze your glute muscles while you do the repetitions.

4 Week Workout Plan:
1st Workout

1 minute plank
1 minute push-ups
2 minute squats
1 minute bird-dog
1 minute lying hip raises
1 minute plank
1 minute push-ups
2 minute squats

2nd Workout