7 Reasons Why Your Waistline Isn’t Shrinking

Good to know if you want to loose weight!

Are your waistlines’ expanding and you’re thinking that not getting enough exercise and eating too much just might not be the reasons? Scroll down below to find out why people are getting fat or obese.

#1: Genes

Researchers have proven that genes play a lot regarding the satiation level of an individual. People who do not have the genes for a big appetite often don’t understand how hard it is for someone who isn’t so genetically lucky.

#2: Not Getting Enough Sleep

Decrease level of the leptin hormone and an increase level of the hormone ghrelin are the result of sleep deprivation. Not getting enough sleep can make your body to increase food intake and store fat.

According to research, people who get 6 hours per night are 27% more likely to be obese compared to those getting 7-9 hours. Individuals who get 2-4 hours of sleep are 67% more likely to become obese.

#3: Not Being Active

It has been proven that not being active enough can contribute much to weight gain. Exercise is still one of the best way for regulating appetite and maintaining weight.

#4: Your Food Consumption

Go for natural foods and avoid consumption of packaged and processed foods. Opt for organic foods in which the outer skin is consumed, such as cucumbers and apples.